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Embraer’s Board of Directors will become more global

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Pursuant to Embraer´s 2021-2025 strategy, focused on growing through global partnerships, innovation, and business diversification, the Board of Directors will include two foreign members of recognized experience in Commercial Aviation in the Strategy Committee this year.

 “The aviation sector is in full transformation in the face of several challenges such as the pandemic, the arrival of new entrants, and the development of innovative and sustainable technologies. Embraer is also going through an accelerated evolution process and understands that the incorporation of global members into Board Committees, and furthermore into the next term of the Board, aims at strengthening management by enhancing our global vision and preparing the company for the future,” says the President of Embraer’s Board of Directors, Alexandre Silva.

The Board of Directors is comprised of 11 effective members, eight of whom are independent. The Brazilian Government, holder of Golden Share, appoints a member, while employees indicate two others. The Board of Directors currently has the support of three advisory committees: Audit, Risks and Ethics Committee, People and ESG Committee, and the Strategy and Innovation Committee.

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