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Aerosta r Airlines (UAR)

  Date operations started 18 August 1997 Description Provides private and VIP charter flights within the Ukrai

Aerosucre Colombia

  Date operations started 1969 Description Operates domestic and international cargo scheduled flights and pas

AeroSur [5L] (RSU)

  Parent organisation/shareholders Privately held (Bolivian investors) (100%) Airline subsidiaries/shareholdin

AeroSvit Airlines [VV] (AEW

  Parent organisation/shareholders Gilward Investments BV (Netherlands) (37.96%), Genaviainvest (Dnipropetrovsk)

AeroUnion-Aerotransporte de Carga Union [6R] (TNO)

  Parent organisation/shareholders Libyan transitional government (100%) Alliances Libyan Airlines Date op

Aerovias DAP (DAP)

  Parent organisation/shareholders Pivcevic Family (100%) Date operations started 1979 Description Operates sc

Aerovis Airlines [V6] (VIZ)

  Date operations started 2003 Description Operates cargo charters from its Rivne hub to destinations within t

Aerovista (AAP)

  Parent organisation/shareholders Aerovista Group (100%) Date operations started 1999 Description Operates pa

Africa n Express Airwa ys [XU] (AXK)

  Parent organisation/shareholders Bulhan family (90%), others (10%) Date operations started May 1986 Desc

Africa West Cargo [FK] (WTA)

  Parent organisation/shareholders Global Investments Lyd (51%), European Cargo Services (ECS) Date operations
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